Tips for Exam Season

It’s officially exam season (cries into pillow and wishes this isn’t real life).

We’ve all been there, done that or currently in the process of it. Whether it’s junior certificate, leaving certificate, high school exams, college exams, work tests or whatever it may be. They have to be done. And that’s that.

Exams can be absolutely daunting, terrifying, stressful and just ruin your mood completely. But you have to think of the bigger picture. We go to school in hopes to go to college in hopes to get a good job and build our career. But is it really that simple? I’ll be honest, it isn’t as A,B & C as it sounds.

I was quite the geek in school. I done all my homework, went to after school study and prepared for my exams. I was a loud mouthed messer in school BUT I knew I wanted to do well so I always stayed focused.

There’s nothing I love more than people doing well, working hard & achieving their goals. I’m currently not where I wanna be but I’m on the way; and I  have my credentials behind me which definitely helps.

So to my study bunnies out there; here’s some study tips to help you ROCK your exams and kick start your future 😉

One Month Before Exams:

Music is key

Sitting in one spot for hours on end is DRAINING. And it’s easy to lose motivation and get distracted. By making yourself a good playlist it will make your sitting down sessions a lot more pleasant. Stay away from music you know all the words to as every word is a mental distraction. Try stick to more chill down-tempo genre’s. Spotify has specific pre-made playlists for study, chill and relaxation themes so I would definitely recommend these.

Pomodoro Method

“Work for 25 minutes without interruption and then relax for 5 minutes.” Think of this as the HIIT (high intensity interval training) of studying. By working hard for a long period of time, you can then enjoy your relaxing minutes without guilt. Pomodoro is the Italian word for tomato. So for every 4 pomodoro’s you get a 15 minute break. This turns dreaded study hours into approachable chunks and you’ll be in such a routine that you’ll have studied half of Hamlet by lunchtime. Hooray!

Distraction Apps

You can lie to yourself and say you’re going to turn your phone off, on silent, airplane mode or hide it but we all know that won’t last. Between changing playlists, checking the time or date or googling something you will pick up that phone and before you know it you’ve been on on instagram 3 hours. Yikes. The best way to prevent getting distracted is to download distraction apps.

Three one’s that could be beneficial are:

Self Control; this app blocks specific web-sites for up to 24 hours

Cold Turkey: this app blocks specific apps at scheduled times, so you can only check your Facebook in the evening time when your studying is complete.

Freedom: prevents you from using the internet at all

If these are too intense, you can even turn off you notifications for all your social media applications. You can’t care about what you don’t know, right?


Light Exercises

Exercise is an amazing way to release dopamine (happy hormones) which can keep your spirit uplifted during a dull week. The key to exercise is timing and intensity; skills which are also very valuable for studying. When you’re in the middle of a hard workout what keeps you going? For me it’s an image of myself in a bikini being body confident in the summer. So my studying motivation would be imagining myself in my dream course in college or in a great job. In order to get see the results; you have to put in the work.

Change of Scenery

Change of scenery is very important for studying as being in the same environment all day long is very tiring. Avoid comfy furnitutre such as sofas, beds, beanbags as you could easily get sleepy and lose focus. Try going the library, study in a different room or even outdoors to switch it up.


One Day Before Exams:

Watch Cute Videos

Sounds a bit cheesy, but  studies confirm that looking at cute images or videos can improve the ability to focus. It can make tasks seem more approachable and make people more attentive. Have yiu heard of anything more brilliant? You’re basically getting smarter by watching videos of pandas sneezing!

Eat Protein

Amino acids help your brain function and communicate with itself and these come from the protein element in your diet. Eating a protein filled breakfast will help you be more alert during the day and reduce fatigue. There’s so many protein packed foods you can have for breakfast: eggs, greek yoghurt, peanut butter on rice cakes, quinao, protein pancakes, protein smoothie etc.

Make a List

Preparing all your necessary information and supplies beforehand is  good idea. Example for a maths exam:

  • Time of exam
  • Address of exam centre
  • Pencils & pens
  • Ruler, eraser & sharpener
  • Stationary kit (compass, angles, geometric case)
  • Calculator
  • Watch
  • Water
  • Snacks


Don’t Bother Cramming

The worst thing to do is to try cram two years worth of information into your brain the night before the exam. It’ll add more confusion, stress and anxiety and it’ll most likely have you up all night. You’ll do better if you’re rested, alert & confident!

Regardless of how your friends do, you can only do YOUR best! So stay focused, calm and be confident. You got this 🙂


What exams do you have coming up?



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