Mid Year Resolutions

Can we just take a moment to realise that it’s nearly June. The sixth month in the year. WHAT THE HELL. WHY IS TIME GOING SO FAST!

It legit feels like last week I was picking a New Year’s outfit, now I’m buying bikinis. Insane.


I’m one of those people that need’s to be mentally organised in most aspects of my life. By mentally organised I mean I need to have some sort of plan or goals to keep me focused.

I need to have holidays booked or plans to go away or else I go off my head. I’m a spontaneous person and love last minutes breaks; but it’s necessary I have a solid plan. I work in an office which can get very repetitive and gloomy, so knowing I have something to look forward to keeps me going and is the light at the end of the tunnel lol.

I like to give myself both short and long term goals to keep me motivated. Whether it’s career related, fitness related etc.

There’s something so refreshing about having a fresh start and mindset to help make new goals for yourself. I used to just really make resolutions at the beginning of each year for New Year’s. September is also a good time to start something new as summer is over and most people go back into their school/college/work routine.

But it’s halfway through 2017 and I’m lacking inspiration and motivation so you know what I’m creating my own Mid Year Resolutions to keep me motivated, positive and most importantly content in my life. It’s super hard to be an all round happy person, especially if sometimes it seems like your whole life is a mess. But it’s important to keep your goal in your head and remember each struggle you go through, each challenge you face, each rejection you get, will all eventually lead you to where exactly you’re supposed to be.

My Mid Year Resolutions

  • Stay as Positive as Possible 

I’m a ‘glass half full’ kind of girl and I always try to practice what I preach. But I’ve learnt that being positive doesn’t always mean being happy and excited about everything because let’s face it that’s not realistic at all. But remaining humble, being grateful for the things and opportunities you have is a really good start. I’m obsessed with The Secret since I started reading it last year and OMG it completely changed the way I think. Anyone who hasn’t read it GET IT ASAP lol. By thinking positive thoughts and things you want to happen in your life; you’re sending that frequency to the Universe which will return those good thoughts and things to you. Can’t recommend it more, I may do a blog on that in more detail, let me know if you’d like me to!

  • Spend Money on Memories, Not Things

We’re living in the instagram generation, which means everyone wants to look like they live a glamorous, amazing life. With expensive things, flashy cars, luxurious holidays etc. Don’t get me wrong, I look at these posts and wish I  had that life myself but it’s important to remember everything we see online is edited and filtered to look.. well perfect. As much as I would love to spend thousands on the newest Gucci bag and jet off to Dubai first class, I can’t afford it!! Instead of trying to Keep up with the Kardashians (literally lol) I’m going to spend more money on making memories and doing things that make my soul happy. Whether it means going to more festivals, concerts, trips away, events etc. In a few years from now I’ll remember having a laugh with my friends at a festival over the newest pair of trainers and outfit I splashed all my money on.

Memories > Materials

  • Make Less Excuses

This is a big one for me. When you have a goal in your head but it feels like you’ll never reach it or you’re contemplating giving up, it’s hard to stay focused. It’s easy to make excuses and blame anything to make yourself feel better. No, your little brother eating pizza is not the reason you can’t lose weight. The fact you can’t do a cover letter is not the reason you shouldn’t apply for jobs and Netflix releasing 100s of amazing new series is not a reason for you not to ace your exams (such a tempting excuse though lol).

Whatever your goal may be, stay focused, work hard and you WILL achieve it. For me; I want to be in the best shape possible and LOVE my body. And it’s a working progress, there are still a lot of things I want to improve but you have to start small. I made it my business to go the gym 2-3 times a week minimum, and 5 months on I can already see the difference. I’m not trying to be a body builder or a personal trainer, but I want to be healthy both physically and mentally. Doing a good workout is my stress relief; so instead of thinking “ugh I have to go the gym, the stress of it” I think “I can’t wait to complete a great workout, listen to a boss playlist and sweat my way to my hot body” cringe but affirmations and little pep talks can definitely help!

YouTube is another thing I have to stop making excuses for. I’ve only really got into it the last few months, and at first it’s really hard to get into and find the motivation as it’s quite time consuming but I really LOVE video editing and filming plus YouTube is such a great platform, especially as a blogger. At first I felt embarassed when my videos wouldn’t get many views, or when my subscribers don’t increase in comparison to other YouTubers. My resolution has been to upload at least once a week; and so far I’ve been keeping to it! Consistency is key my friends 😉

Don’t compare your chapter 1 to someone’s chapter 20.


  • Save More

WHY. IS. THIS. SO. HARD?! Saving is one thing I wish I started when I was much younger but in all honesty how could I? I got my first job when I was 17 and it was only part time. The following year I moved to Toronto for college and still owe SO MUCH back to my student loan *has mini anxiety attack*. Unless you have a great paying job, a couple of different outlets for income, rich ass parents or no bills; it’s hard to be financially stable at 21.

If I get into a savings routine rather than saying to myself “next month I’ll start saving” it’ll make a huge difference this time next year.

After bills I’m left with a decent amount of money every two weeks to spend how I please. I’m going to start transferring 100 euro every two weeks into my savings account in Canada and 50 euro into my Irish credit union. You have to start somewhere right?

  • Be What You Want to Attract

This is kind of relating back to number 1, but not entirely. Basically I want to surround myself with positive, ambitous, kind hearted, fun people. But if I want those people in my life; I have to be one of those people myself. If I want a good friend; I have to be a good friend. If I want a good job; I have to put in the work and be a good employee and so on. I’m very fiery and sometimes very defensive, which is not always a good thing. So I’m trying to loosen up more and I’m realising not everything needs a reaction. As the saying goes ‘ignorance is bliss’ and sometimes it’s better to ‘keep it cute or keep it m̶u̶t̶e̶’.


I’m working on myself, for myself, by myself. Can I hear a hell yeah?!

Do you have any mid year Resolutions?


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