Coachella 2017 Fashion Feels

If you’re like me, you spent the last week stalking the instagram feed of everyone who was at Coachella. Anyone who’s somebody attended and showcased their personal festival style. *PRAYS THAT I BECOME RICH OR FAMOUS ENOUGH TO ATTEND THE NEXT ONE* wishful thinking!

Here’s some of my favourite fashion trends from #CHELLA17 this year:

Face Glitter

Are you even a MUA or beauty blogger if you didn’t do a ‘Coachella Inspired’ Make-Up look full of face gems and glitter????? I absolutely love the glitter make-up looks, festivals are the only place it’s socially acceptable (besides Halloween) to go crazy and glitz your face up. Plus it looks LUSH!

Cowboy Boots

The good owl American girl must-have! Mostly worn by country music fans, Coachella is quite the diverse festival so it’s only natural people rocked their fav pair. Top tip is to wear them with shorts or a mini to avoid looking like Taylor Swift back in 2007, yikes!


Chain Reaction

Ka-ching, Ka-ching. We know you have the funds to be at Coachella but these statement pieces are not to be messed with. Edgy glam all in the one.


Space Buns

Since Miley’s wrecking ball stage, the space buns have came & never left. They can spice up any upstyle or downstyle and with the perfect pair of sunnies you’ll be set for the day.


‘Hat Do You Mean?

Whether it’s the cowgirl look, snapback sporty, floppy feels or retro babe; you can’t go wrong with a hat.


Rose Coloured Glasses

Ever get when you’re drunk you see world in a completely different light and you’re attracted to people you wouldn’t usually be? Yep, me too. What if we could wear coloured lenses and always see the world in a beautiful place. Get me a pair asap!!



Everyone is obsessing with Gucci now more than ever. From the bags, to the shoes, to the clothes, to the accessories; it truly is timeless and more fashionable than ever. If only it didn’t break the bank so much – I’m obsessed!


Flower Power

The safe girly bet for anyone who isn’t brave enough to try something out of the ordinary. You can’t go wrong with a floral print dress to look like the happy go lucky girly-girl in fairness.


Fishnets & Fierceness

Forget the dodgy tan lines you may get, fishnets are HOT. From black, white to bedazzled legs, these were a big trend for Coachella 2017.


Metallic Maniac

There’s something about metallic colours on sunkissed skin that’s just mesmorizing.


Sheeeer Thing

The sexy gothic look; perfect for those who can’t part with their all black style even for Festival season


Buckle Up Bish

Adding a Western twist to any style outfit, yeehawww


Sleeves Bigger than Your Bank Account

Bell sleeves add the perfect flare and were also a big trend in the paisley style outfits


What’s your favourite festival look?


*photos credit & article inspiration from glamour magazine*

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