Kylie Jenner rocking all her Lip Shades

If there was one beauty product that girls around the world were so desperate to buy in the last year, it was Kylie Jenner’s lipkits.

When the young sensation announced she was releasing a make-up collection; people went CRAAAAAZY!!

The youngest Jenner started out with lipkits, as she’s infamously known as the girl with the plump lips *overnight magically* but now she has added eyeshadow palettes and Kylighters (high lighters).

The first lip kit she released sold out in SECONDS!! And it’s rare to ever be able to buy her full product range online as it’s always sold out. Safe to say she owns the biggest pout in the world. Not to mention most girl’s started getting lip fillers soon after Kylie’s pout plumped up. Cosmetic surgeons rejoice!!

Whether you naturally have big lips, fillers or on the smaller side; the Kylie lipkits will definitely give you a fuller, plumper pout!

All items are shipped from the U.S. so taxes and customs may apply, but shipping is free when you spend over $40.




Heir is a golden metallic peach. Perfect for summer and like Kylie wore it to Coachella; festival season which is slowly approaching!

Lipgloss, $18,

900 (1)810 (1)Head Over Heels

Head Over Heels is a deep plum. Similar to Mac’s Heroine shade, this deep purple colour is beautiful but for me I would rarely rock this shade.

Lip Kit, $29,

900 (2)810 (2)


Maliboo is a light cool-tone nude colour. For that flawless finish.

Lip Kit, $29,


Love Bite

Love Bite is a rich plum brown. Kylie looks amazing here but personally this would be a shade my Mam would go crazy for! Definitely a bit more of a mature shade.

Lip Kit, $29,

900 (1)810 (1)


Literally is a neutral mid-tone nude gloss. I literally need this, literally now!

Gloss, $15,

900 (2)810 (2)

So there you have it, the youngest Jenner-Kardashian sibling absolutely rocking the make-up industry. The fact she is so successful and making more money than I can imagine makes me sad; but all jokes aside it’s highly admriable. Regardless of the rich fortune she was born into, her natural fame & the resources she has. I love Kylie. Pity my bank account doesn’t agree because I’d love half of these shades!!


What’s your favourite colour? Have you purchased any yet? Comment below!


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