Sister Love

How do people make it through life without a sister?

Sisters are crazy. One minute you’re having a fully blown WWE showdown fighting over the remote control, the next minute you’re having a sing song to Mariah Carey!

You know how to push each other’s buttons, you annoy the hell out of each other, you fight over the littlest things but no matter what you have each other’s back and having a sister is like having a friend for life. Good thing I have three I’ll never be a loner 😉

Let’s chat about the good things about having siblings…time to time, when we aren’t killing each other! ha-ha.

  1. You will stick up for your sister no matter what

My sisters and I call each other every name under the sun but the minute someone else thinks they can talk bad about my sister? Oh nooooo, no one talks bad about my sister except me, hold my earrings! Even if she’s in the wrong you have to stick up for her, she’ll definitely get a lecture later at home but for now you’ll defend her to the moon and back. That’s loyalty.


2. When you hate someone, they hate someone

Similar to number 1. no one upsets your sister unless it’s you! Whether it’s a bully, a nasty person, a mean teacher or their ex’s new girlfriend; you know if they have a problem with them so will you. This is why it’s important not to tell your sister about every little fight you have with your friends. Because a year later when you and your friend are back besties, your sister will still remember the time she stole your boyfriend and made you cry and will never like her the same again.


3. You always have a supporter

When it comes to family, it’s always vital to make them proud and have support along the way. We get faced with a lot of obstacles in life whether it’s relating to school, college, your career, finances etc. and to know you always have someone supporting you in whatever you do is a real comfort.

4. Hard times don’t seem so hard

Having friends is great, but you don’t always relate to your friends in every aspect of life. If you have a friend that never has to worry about money, doesn’t know what it’s like to struggle, has a good upbringing and just seems to have a perfect life; it’s hard for them to relate when you’re telling them about your own struggles. But when it comes to a sister, they know how you feel because they’ve been through it all with you! When you lose a family member, they also lose them. They most likely have been through all the struggles you’ve been through, and if not they you know well enough to know how to make you feel better.


5. You always have a second wardrobe

This one may not be so beneficial for the older, fashionable sister who works and constantly buys new clothes. But for the younger sister who has no money it’s the best!! Definitely can be the source of a lot of fights, but when you’re feeling generous it’s a gift. Those last minute nights out, a first date, an important interview – if you don’t have something to wear there’s a high chance your sister does (if you’re similar in age of course) and who can complain with that! My older sister and myself are the same clothes and shoe size so it was great (when we occasionally felt giving lol).


6. You always gossip to each other without fear it’ll be said to anyone else

The minute you hear a crazy story about someone she’s the first person you want to tell. You’ll tell her things you’ll never tell anyone else without fear it’ll come back to bite you in the ass. Even the out-of-order, crazy, insulting thoughts you have about things it’s most likely they’ll agree with you.


7. They offer the best advice

Having a big sister is like having a free therapist. You can confide in them in absolutely everything. The cringe worthy things you don’t want to tell your friends, the mischievous things you can’t tell your parents, the indecisive things you can’t tell your partner. They always listen and they’re only judgmental when it’s necessary. They also are people who will tell you the god damn truth every single time. So if you’re happy about your new haircut maybe don’t ask them AFTER your hair is cut, because if it’s a bad comment you’ll feel really shit haha. The advice they give you is straight to the point, and has your best interests at heart. The new guy your dating that has a nice car, cute friends and a hot-tub? Doesn’t benefit your sister the way it may alter your friends judgment as it benefits them, just something to remember. We may not always like/want their advice but they offer it anyways and sometimes it’s the only thing in the world we need.


8. As you get older the bond gets closer

You may have wished for the day you’d move out and live on your own, but when you do, you realise you actually miss having your sisters around. You don’t have a next door neighbour to binge watch the Kardashians on a Sunday with anymore, you don’t have someone to order pizza with randomly at midnight when you get hungry and the very beloved second wardrobe has disappeared. So you make more of an effort to see each other, stay in touch and have a real connection. When I moved away from home me and my sister got closer than ever! It’s been 3 years since we lived together and we speak more now than when we both lived in the same house! Sometimes what you take for granted has to be removed in order for you to really appreciate it. Thank god for Facetime!

9. You know how to tear each other down…then lift each other up

The definition of a bi-polar relationship! But after every fight you make up immediately (if not together then a parent usually gets involved to resolve it). It makes you realise it’s okay to have a couple of fights as long as you know when to let your pride down and just apologise. You can also always rely on a good ego boost. “OMG he’s dating her now? Ew she’s so basic, you’re 10 times better”:)

10. Your shared your life together

The childhood memories, the family holidays, that weird uncle that always gets drunk at family get togethers. You know, they know, some thing you just could never explain to anyone else!


No matter how much you see each other, how close you are, how you go your own ways. Sisters will always be sisters no matter what.

And to have a sister is to have a friend for life, so cherish that ❤

My sisters are Anita (24), Leah (14) & Kelly (13). How many sisters do you have?

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