The iconic, the amazing, the one and only Whitney Houston ❤


WHO SHE IS:  A multi-grammy award winner. One of the best singers to ever grace our century, Whitney is well known for her powerful voice! She was also an actress, producer and model.

WHAT SHE DID: Whitney was a fashion model before she started singing professionally, appearing on covers of Seventeen and Glamour magazines. Both of her first albums spent over 100 weeks in the UK chart, which is unbelievable! Her 1987 album “Whitney” became the first female album to debut at #1 on the Billboard Charts, female empowerment at it’s highest ;-). She won the most American Music Awards ever 26 in total!!! She was also honored as the first artist in history to ever have seven consecutive Billboard number 1 singles. An accomplishment that she still holds to this day.


WHY I LOVE HER: My heart strings hurt writing this. Whitney to me was the best female singer of all time. Ballad after ballad her voice was the definition of powerful. Her lyrics are so deep and personal, focusing on love and heart break there is definitely a few Whitney songs that every girl can relate to and boy does it make you feel things! I grew up listening to Whitney, my mother was obsessed and player her albums all the time, so when I heard of her passing I honestly felt devastated. When someone influenced your life and was a part of your childhood it really is upsetting when they pass away, because at one point in your life they were apart of something that made you smile, emotional or feel inspired.

WHY SHE IS QUEEN OF THE WEEK: Whitney will always be the Queen of music to me, so to have her featured as a queen on my blog is for very obvious reasons. I really admire her strength, not only as an artist but as a human being. Going through dark times are difficult enough without living in the spotlight. She was such an amazing talent and it is so sad how her life ended but one thing she left on this earth was her footprints and her music will live on forever. Thank you Whitney.

Whitney Houston Laughing

INTERESTING FACT: My second cousin Sean Cheeseman was the limo driver in the movie ‘The Bodyguard’ which is starring Whitney. Amazing movie if you haven’t seen it GET ON IT! Also did you know Aretha Franklin was her godmother?!

R.I.P to Whitney Houston 1963 – 2012 & also her only daughter Bobbi Kristina Brown 1993 – 2015 ❤

Here’s a few of my favourite Whitney songs – get the tissues ready!


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