Ibiza: Beginner’s Guide

Hey everyone!!

It’s been a hot minute since I’ve posted & I am sooo sorry. I’ve been extremely busy and I feel like August just slipped through my fingers. I’ll update you guys real quick.

So I was running around preparing for my holiday: personal training, shopping, packing, getting my beauty stuff done (hair, eyelashes, eyebrows etc) and not to mention full time working right up until the day before I jetted off to IBIFAAAAA.

I flew out on my 21st birthday the 4th of August (such an amazing way to spend a special birthday, parties are so over-rated and so over-priced!! I’d much prefer being in the sun with a few cocktails and my closest friends than running around stressed and entertaining people but hey that’s just me!). Anyways – all the running around was so worth it when I had my first drink at the airport bar, Kopperberg never tasted better 🙂

The flight was around 3 1/2 hours and it was MENTAL! Imagine 200 young people full of booze heading to the party capital of Europe, PARTY PLANE!

K, enough of the small details let me get right into it.

I stayed at Hotel Marco Polo II in San Antonio Bay. It was FAR from glamorous, basically a little shanty town but it was extremely central. Right beside the beach, sunset strip and the West End. So if you’re looking for somewhere cheap, central & basically a place to drop your stuff in then this is for you. Looking for something more fancy? Look somewhere else, preferably Playa D’en Bosso. Anyways I went with a group of around 8 people but there was so many people we knew there (literally half of Dublin) and I think towards the end there was a group of over 50 of us, not even joking! “IBIZA, DUBLIN HAS ARRIVED!”


Places I went to & my opinion on them:



The perfect starter to any night. We went here about 3 times during our 5 day trip, it was just too bloody good. The drinks were cheap, the music was brilliant, the vibes were great and it was a 2 minute walk from where most of us where staying. If you’re looking for a great bar to start the night off before you head to a bigger club then this is the spot.



One of Ibiza’s super-clubs Eden was another favourite for us. We came here 3 out of 5 nights here (jesus we don’t like change ha ha). The first night I wasn’t really a fan of to be honest. It was my first night here and I was going a good 18 hours including the plane and I was just ready for bed. The theme was a kind of a tribal trance night, the music had no lyrics and it was just too heavy for my liking, I ditched that after about 10 minutes. The second time was actually amazing. It was a Saturday night after majority of us where at the Jets (I didn’t have a chance to go there but apparently it’s a MUST DO) and boat parties (meh you can pass on these, make you feel a bit queasy and to be honest there a bit mediocre at this stage). The VIP section was basically a personal club for us Dubliners. The music was great and the dance floor has a unique sound system that makes you literally feel every beat in your veins!! The third time we came here was for Mansion Monday’s, a theme night dedicated to Liverpool’s successful house music nightclub which is fulfilled with the best house beats you can imagine, plenty you can sing along to too, not just the heavy stuff. This night was a special one, they had Julie McKnight performing live during the night which was AMAZING, especially being a fan of a lot of her songs.



This has to be my favourite out of everywhere I went. It’s the best Open Air Club on the island. I went to the Radio 1 Event which is probably one of the biggest nights along with the likes of David Guetta, Avicii etc. The feeling this place gives me is just out of this world, never felt anything like it before. The outdoor club is full of swimming pools (knee deep only) sitting & standing areas and a huge mosh pit in front of the stage. Think festival, beach club and a rave altogether. It’s just a magical place! If you’ve never been to Ibiza make sure this is on your list of places to go, you won’t be disappointed!



This is the BIGGEST nightclub I’ve ever been to in my life! It’s the definition of a super-club. I’m not even joking it’s the size of a small shopping centre. It has a main room, a roof top terrace and even a food court (what the hell lol). It was actually overwhelmingly huge. I went for the Creamfields event with an unreal line-up including MK, Philip George, DJ Mustard and more. It was way over capacity and I could feel the sweat dripping off the ceiling. It took me about 45 minutes to go the bathroom and back it was that big and confusing. But I have to say this was an AMAZING night! I’m so glad I got to experience a huge club with such a good line up, it’s something everyone needs to experience once in their life. This was also one of the more expensive places. Paying in was around €85 at the door, a 300ml of water, any juice or soft drink was €8-12 and a spirit and mixer was €18.  It’s also a good 35 minute taxi journey from San Antonio, but it’s directly across from Ushuaia so try to go to both in the one night if your staying in San An!

Mambo Cafe


Mambos is one of those places you have to go to experience for yourself. It’s a restaurant/bar situated right by the sea giving you the BEST view of the sunset you can ever imagine. You can bring your own drink to the beach and there’s always someone great playing live. Craig David was playing when I went. If I have to see one place before I die this is the place. Thinking of it just gives me goosebumps, take me back!

Ocean Beach


“Did you even go to Ibiza if you didn’t get a photo in Ocean Beach?” the glammest of the GLAM! This outdoor beach club hosts the finest pool parties on the White Isle. I went here for the Hed Kandi event which features residential guests such as Lovely Laura (see photo). This was probably my second favourite place after Ushuaia. It’s an all day thing so you’re there from around 1pm-11pm so it’s very very advisable to get a bed so you have a place to relax, order food and drink and try to get VIP as there’s nothing worse than being secluded from an area plus you never know what celebs you could bump into! This is the place to get dolled up to the nines, wear your nicest bikini, do your hair and makeup, heck even wear a pair of wedges. Dress to impress is definitely key here.

The Low Down:

On Money: it’s definitely one of the more expensive holiday destinations. If you’re going for 5 days make sure you have AT LEAST €1000 spending money, and that’s not including your accommodation money. Unless your going to stay in the shitty little bars in the west end all night, you’re going to need a good amount of money. Prices into the super-clubs are ridiculously high, and so is the price of their drinks but they’re the best events and the best nights so you don’t want to miss out because you’re worried about money. Save that bit extra and make your trip that bit more special, it’s a once in a lifetime experience after all.

On Outfits: If you’re going for the first time you’ll probably be stressing the way I was “do I bring dressy stuff, casual stuff, runners, flip flop, make-up or not?” Well let me tell you something thankfully it doesn’t really matter. I would say the likes of Ocean Beach you want to dress up but for everything else it’s basically shorts, mini skirts, crop tops, shorts dresses and a ton of bikinis. When you’re skin is sun kissed everything looks great on. Dress light though because the weather is scorching and the clubs are sweaty. Leave long sleeve, mesh or thick material clothing at home and comfortable shoes are a must if you’re dancing for hours on end.

On Drugs: Ibiza has a reputation of being one big drug fest. Don’t let that determine your opinion on it. Ibiza is what you make of it, if you think you have to do things to go you’re absolutely wrong. People would say how can you go to a normal club and not drink but people do it all the time! Once you stay safe and mind your drinks it shouldn’t effect your time there whether you decide to do them or not.

On Ibiza Blues: IBIZA BLUES ARE REAL I TELL YA!!!! Holy, it took me 5 days to recover fully when I came back. It is so hard coming back to reality after being in a sunny little happy bubble for 5 days (btw 5 days felt like 2 weeks, the days are so long). I just felt so depressed. I missed the weather, the music, my Ibiza family, the amazing nights – EVERYTHING! But because your friends are in the exact same boat as you, keep each other company, eat RINGS around yourself (you deserve it) catch up on the reality tv you missed and try to get a cuddle buddy – one thing I needed but oh so lacked. 😦 haha

Overall opinion: I honestly had an absolutely amazing time!!! I went with a great group of people, always felt safe, the music was on another level, the vibes were on point and to be honest it just a great time I can’t complain one bit. I would 1000% go back again.

My Fav Ibiza Songs This Year:

Have you been to Ibiza? If so what clubs have you been to that I haven’t? Comment Below!

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