KIKO Make-Up Haul

I have too much make-up…. said no one ever!!

How exciting is it getting new make-up ladies? Going into a make-up shop in awe, carefully choosing the correct items after swatching half the counter, blowing half your wages, trying it all on for the first time then BAM you get that perfect selfie in natural good lightening *ughhhh* amazing!

I really wanted to try out some new make-up that wouldn’t break the bank. I’m kinda an all-or-nothing type girl, I can’t just buy one lipstick I need to buy about 5! So I didn’t want to buy one expensive make-up item to try when I would rather have a ton of more affordable products to mess around with first.

I’m no where near a make-up artist, in fact I’m pretty brutal at make-up (honesty is the best policy) but lately I’ve been really trying to improve my skills & with the help of YouTube tutorials I’ve actually got better, hooray!

I decided to treat myself to lots of different products from the the make-up brand KIKO MILANO. It’s an Italian make-up brand and what I love about it is it’s super affordable, really good quality, great selection & delivers right to your door.

Have a look at the haul on my Youtube below & product description follows 🙂

What I Got:


Unlimited Foundation SPF 15 – €14.90 (colour Neutral 80)


Skin Tone Corrector Primer – €9.90 (03 Peach)


Eyebrow Sculpt Automatic Pencil – €4.80 (06 Blackhaired)


Ultra Glossy Stylo Lipstick – €4.90 (802 Nude)


Unlimited Lip Gloss – €3.50 (02 Guava Rose)


Smart Eye Pencil – €1.20 (815 Smoke Grey)


Lasting Gel Eyeliner – €8.90 


Eyeshadow – €2.90 (146 Satin Fuschia)


Eyeshadow – €2.90 (169 Macropearly White)


Fine Art Lip Pencil – €3.40 (02 Fantastic Coral)


Colour Click Lipstick – €3.40 (02 Fantastic Coral)

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