I am very excited about this post as it’s the first of it’s kind in this segment. I wanted to do a unique feature on my blog that I could do once a week. I just re-vamped my blog (new theme, new name, new logo) “damn girl you’re lookin’ gooooood”!

The new theme is pretty much girl power, empowering women, boss chick & of courses QUEENS! So how appropriate would it be having a Queen of the Week section. It will feature a female who deserves the title of a Queen in my opinion (for a week anyways). It can be anyone from a celebrity to a normal girl on the street. The feature will include a bio, reasons I think they deserve to be Queen of the Week, some inspirational facts & of course some niceeeeeee looking photos! 🙂



Kicking off the Queen of the Week feature is the woman herself, the beautiful, the amazing; QUEEN BEY!!!!! Hello Mrs Carter! She’s the lady that inspired my new blog name, the one that’s been my role model from day one and to be honest she inspires me in ways I can’t even explain. I J’ADORE BEYONCE!


WHO SHE IS: Beyoncé Giselle Knowles-Carter. I’m sorry but if you don’t know Bey then you either live under a rock, have no internet or music access, live on another planet, or you’re either too old to care or too young to understand. But come onnnnnn WHO THE HELL DOESN’T KNOW BEYONCE?! She is the Queen. Simple As.


WHAT SHE DOES: Beyoncé Knowles is a multi-platinum, Grammy award-winning recording artist, producer and performer. She rose to fame while being in the girlband Destiny’s Child then went solo in 2003 and released her first album Dangerously in Love. Since then, she has been absolutely BOSSING the music industry. With over 20 number one chart toppers and several amazing albums (SO many amazing songs, which one is your favourite?) it’s no surprise she is known as Queen Bey. She’s also wife to Jay-Z, another major music mogul, and a mother to her daughter Blue Ivy!


WHY I LOVE HER: I could go on forever on why I love her but I’ll keep it short & sweet. She has been such a huge role model to me since I was a young girl. Her lyrics helped me through some tough times between being young and getting teased in school, feeling low at any point of life and when I felt really insecure and unconfident, a thing that I used to do was put on her songs and I swear it was like magic. Instantly her confidence rubbed off me, I felt independent, invincible, capable of anything & most of all beautiful. It made me realise why shouldn’t I love myself? Why can’t I get what I want in life? Why can’t I succeed? and the answer is I CAN! It’s amazing what music can do to you. I just find her so inspiring, effortless, classy and she is such an individual with her style, music, persona, how she is & how she won’t change. I can really appreciate that. She also empowers women & girl power much like myself, if she lived in Dublin we would be besties I tell you 😉 #SQUAD


WHY SHE’S QUEEN OF THE WEEK: She’s not afraid to set the bar high. That’s what makes her Queen Bey. She does the unexpected and gets it every.damn.time. and she evolved IMMENSELY over the years. Irreplaceable to say the least!


INTERESTING FACT: Beyoncé is the most Grammy-Nominated woman in history. LIKE EVER. How the hell can you compete with that?

Did I mention she loves Ireland too?




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