My Tinder Experience!

The first words you think of when it comes to Tinder is ‘desperate, weird, creepy, loser central’ and to be honestly that’s totally true. I mean some people have amazing experiences and meet people that they’re currently with now, good for you but that’s a very very rare thing lol.

So I’ll give you a walk through of the situation as the video on YouTube got some bad comments ahahah.

Basically, I was living in Canada for over 2 years, between the age of 18-20. Most of my friends over there either had boyfriends, were going out with someone or like out dating and having fun and I was just flying solo (the usual ahaha).

Tinder kind of only became a thing the last few years so when my friends over there encouraged me to use & they were on it themselves I was assured it was okay.

This video is of my first & worst Tinder date in Canada & in my opinion enough to turn a girl off using that app again.
Don’t get me wrong lots of people find someone special on it but I just can’t be a serial dater via online things, I much prefer to meet people in real life (but hey that’s just me!)

A few extra details before you judge lol:
1. This was when I was in Canada as it’s hard to go on dates and meet people if you’re not living right downtown (Toronto) or didn’t grow up there because everything is so spread out
2. It wasn’t just him wearing glasses that through me off he genuinely didn’t look like his photos at all
3. Movies usually aren’t a good first date but considering I couldn’t eat anything over my wisdom teeth and I was in a lot of pain it was the only decent place to go
4. I knew from the start we didn’t get on because he didn’t have much conversation, much of a sense of humour and we just didn’t click
5. I’m not one of those girls that expect a man to pay for everything, not at all!, but chivalry is real and something small like paying for a first date (or even offering) can go a long way in making a good impression!
6. I’m an extremely fussy girl as I mention in the video, and I get turned off super easy so what doesn’t work for me doesn’t mean all girls aren’t into that
7. Majority of people on Tinder end up being absolute creeps, sex crazy, weirdos so when you find someone normal and give them a chance and they disappoint, of course you’re gonna be turned off the app altogether I mean come on! hahaha

Do you have a bad Tinder experience??





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