Bellami Hair Extensions Review

“Long Hair, Don’t Care!”

When it comes to girls the one thing you never mess with is her hair. Whether you’re rocking a dixie cut, fashionable bob, wavy tresses, curly weave or straight locks a girl’s hair definitely means a lot to us!

I don’t know about you but when my hair is on point I know that I feel on point. Hair on fleek and all that.




Being mixed-race my hair used to be hard to maintain. I have naturally curly hair, not afro, more like a soft curl but I rarely keep it natural. I’ve been wearing extensions since I’m 14 (that’s 6 years of extensions I went through!) My hair is so damaged from straightening it all the time so it never has a chance to actually grow, even with the extra hair cuts.

Anyways, because I’ve been wearing extensions for a few years I definitely had my fair share of different extensions brands I’ve tried. Some were good & some not so good.

The latest hair extension brand I’ve tried is the Bellami hair extension brand. I’ve seen so many YouTubers, bloggers and celebrities rave about this hair and I just had to try it myself.

I got 220g, 22′ in the colour Mochochino Brown 1c from the Bellissima collection. It cost me $209.99 plus shipping & handling. They were pretty quick to come and of course at first they are silky and beautiful.

The hair comes with a free hanger & hair pack, I got a pink one 🙂



It’s been 5 months since I got these extensions & considering I wear them literally everyday they’re still in really good condition so I would definitely recommend them!

Have a look at my YouTube video below of a review when I first got them!


Do you wear extensions & if so what brand?

-Danielle x

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