Hey Big Saver!

Christmas is around the corner! No seriously, it’s EXACTLY 3 months from today :O.

December can be a total drain on the finances between buying presents, getting new clothes, getting pampered (us girls are the worst for this) and then the actual social aspect to it, it’s easy for all your money to be in one hand and out the other. But a little planning can make the festive season more pleasant (for your wallet anyways).


Smart Savings

  • Save every cent. They may be tiny and annoying but they add up. Throw them in a jar and in a few weeks you should have a nice heavy amount. Take them to the bank where they’ll swap them for notes.


  • Avoid eating out. I think this is one of my biggest problems when it comes to money, I SPEND IT ALL ON BLOODY FOOD! Going for a cheeky Nandos, getting a hangover Dominos or date night can quickly add up not only money but also in the weight department. It’s so hard not to especially when it’s an easy way to socialize with friends but little things like bringing your lunch to work/college can save up to 10 euro a day and then keep the eating out for occasions!


  • Bargain hunt!! Before you go into Topshop and spend €200 on a pair of shoes shop around, Forever 21 might have similar ones for only €40! Boots always have 3-for-2 on Beauty Products which is a great way to stock up because who doesn’t need hairspray, dry shampoo, face wipes and a decent moisturizer! Suscribe to your favourite clothing websites and they’ll email you when a sale is on and also coupon codes, my favourite websites that always have codes are Missguided, Pretty Little Thing and Asos. And if you’re a student always carry your Student ID because you’ll be surprised how much it comes in handy.
  • Open a savings account in the Credit Union or Post Office and put money in it every time you get paid. If you get paid monthly try put a chunk in, if it’s biweekly or weekly even throw €50 in. You’ll be surprised how much you save in a few weeks and you can use that for a holiday, a car or to simply spend on a rainy day (which is every other day here in Ireland)!


  • If you have a big group of friends do Kris Krindle for Christmas instead of trying to buy everyone a present. Who has the money to buy more than 4 friends a decent present besides Kylie Jenner? Arrange a night in with wine and pizza and switch presents, it’ll be more exciting anyways!


So you’re probably thinking “I can only save if I HAVE money to save” right? Well I also have as few tips to earn a few extra bob around the Christmas season.

Easy Earning

  • Get a seasonal job. Lots of places start hiring coming up to the busy season in early November, so get out and take full advantage. If you’re a college student this is the perfect time to gain experience without it interfering with your classwork and schedule. If you’re unemployed it could be the way to actually getting kept on permanently and if you already have a job what’s a few more hours in your week working a second job to get extra moolah? It’s definitely manageable. Everyone usually goes for the high street clothing stores in town or in shopping centres so why not mix it up and try a hotel, restaurant, hairdressers, gift shop, toy shops, electronic shops, the list is endless because everyone needs a little bit of something around Christmas time besides clothes so leave CVs in the unpredictable places!
  • Have a massive wardrobe clear out and sell them on Depop. Depop is such an easy, fun way to sell things right from your phone. It doesn’t take much effort and it’s not as difficult to use as Ebay. It’s also a great way for other people to benefit from your stuff while you make a little profit, how cool?!


  • Got a creative side? People are using social media and word of mouth to make money from products or services. Facebook is a great way to showcase a talent whether it’s makeup, nails, hair extensions or beauty services, decorations, gift ideas or even cakes. People are always in need of more things around Christmas time so if you were to offer it at a cheaper price you and the person buying it will walk away happy! Even spend some time perfecting your skills by watching Youtube tutorials or practicing on people before you start charging actual customers. Don’t be afraid to give it a go.

Top Tips on top of That:

If you have no clue how you spend all your money every week, write it down. A money diary even for a few weeks will highlight what you spend the most cash on. If most of your dosh is going on booze, nights out and eating out it’ll be easier to cut back. You can identify what’s essential and what’s just silly spending because let’s face it December is more expensive than most other months.

Don’t deny yourself. If you just save and limit yourself then it’s just all work no play, which isn’t fun for anyone. Make decisions on what’s worth spending money on and what you can do without for the time being.

Limit your impulse buying by avoiding places you know you’ll spend a bomb in. If you’re not the type that can enjoy one or two drinks without needing 6 or 7 more to get pissed then just stay in.

tumblr_noepqvgzO91uoh9bno1_500You’ll feel like “the bore” but if it takes a quiet November to have a fun-filled party season then try do so.


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