Importance of a Good CV!

So many people ask for my advice and help with CV’s and I’m more than happy to help. But instead of writing and fixing them up for everyone I’m doing this blog post so not only will you learn how to do it yourself, but you will be able to improve your own skills and help others. Win-Win 🙂

When applying for a job people really underestimate the importance of a good Curriculum Vitae (CV)/Resume. A CV is more than just a piece of paper, it’s a representation of yourself to all potential work employers and can be the bridge between you getting your dream job or staying unemployed.

I’m no expert and I’m certainly not a professional but when it comes to CV’s, they definitely are something I’m comfortable with working on. When I started my first year of college I knew I needed a job to pay for expenses such as clothes, nights out, shoes and savings so the first thing I did was work on my CV for a solid week. I looked at a variety of different examples and templates to have an idea of what kind of layout’s look best and most effective. I planned one full day to go out and leave them around by myself. It’s best to go alone so you don’t have to hear someone else complain about walking around. You should also always ask for a manager so you can specifically talk to them and let them know you’re a confident individual who would be a good asset to their work environment because a lot of people can easily say “we’re not hiring” or “you have to apply online” which can ruin your mood for leaving any more cv’s out at all.

For a 17 year old who had no real experience I received 3 calls within one week for three different interviews:

  • The first one was for Ted Baker on Grafton Street. If you’re unfamiliar with this brand it’s a high street designer brand from London, England that offers a very sheek, professional, fashionable type of look. It was a group interview and there was about 12 people competing for one job opening. Being the youngest person there, it was of course intimidating. We all sat around a round table and one-by-one stood up and told everyone our name, age and a little bit about ourselves. Talking is no problem for me so I had no worries talking to a crowd. After that we were all split into groups of 3 and were given a profile of somebody. My group had a profile of a young creative professional who needs a head-to-toe outfit for a work event and has a budget of €600. Each group had a different profile with a different budget and we all had 20 minutes to split up around the store to find a unique, fashionable, suitable outfit. At the end we all presented and explained our choice and the employers chose a winner. It was overwhelming but I honestly had a great time and think group interviews should be like this to ensure an interactive experience and really shows the employers what each person’s personality and style is like.
  • The second one was for Tommy Hilfiger at Dundrum Town Centre. This was for a brand new Tommy concession stand that was opening at House of Fraser. The interview was extremely casual. The lady interviewing me asked me to meet her at the food court and we both had a cup of tea. She went over my CV and asked me questions but it was more conversational than a traditional interview which helped with nerves.
  • Last but not least was River Island on Henry Street. This was one of the shops I left CV’s in more than once so I was so happy to get an interview. My older sister worked there for more than 4 years so I knew I would know people that worked there and all the perks of the job and I loved the clothes! This interview was one-on-one, quite short and simple.

After a week I didn’t hear back from any of them which was annoying, the wait KILLS you! But then my sister bumped into the manager of River Island who interviewed me and she told my sister that she lost my CV but I had got the job. I was over the moon. Two days later in college I had received a call from Tommy Hilfiger saying that I also got the job and another day later I got a call back for a second interview for Ted Baker. It was a tough decision deciding which one to pick but I ended up choosing River Island because 1) they offered me first 2) it was my favourite clothing store to shop in so I knew I would love having a discount and working there and 3) I was offered a permanent contract in comparison to Ted Baker which was only for Christmas and Dundrum was way too far for me to travel to from where I live. Long story short these would not have been possible if it weren’t for a good CV, because we all know Dublin is lacking in jobs!

Did I mention over 5 people who I fixed their CV’s up (using this information) they all got interviews or a job! It’s not magic 😉

Here’s a few tips I have that are vital for a good CV, feel free to message me if you still need help!

Untitled Infographic (1)

Happy Job Hunting!

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