Why Adventure is Good for your Soul

If you’re a spontaneous character like myself then there’s nothing you would rather do with your time than travel. Whether it’s going for a hike in a mountain, camping in a random area, taking a train to the last stop or even just finding a cute area of the city you never knew about. The more extreme, expensive but definitely dreamy adventures would be going to an airport and asking for a ticket to the next plane heading out, spinning the globe and going where ever your finger lands on (except if it’s the middle of an ocean, nobody wants to be eaten by sharks) or deciding to bag-pack around a continent you never experienced. The world is a huge place and there’s so much to see, experience and explore!

As exciting as it is – with every new adventure comes a huge wave of anxiety. I call this the fear of the unknown. Apart of me goes absolutely crazy at the thought of travelling, meeting new people, partying in a new place every night, getting the sweetest pictures for Instagram (don’t even deny this) and just being away from reality! But another part of me is scared shitless, what if I run out of money and can’t get a job, what if I get into arguments with the people I’m travelling with and don’t enjoy myself, what if my living situation is awful and what if it’s not what I expect and just want to come home? Being a Leo, my pride is so important to me. This can sometimes be a bad thing because I know if I talked about for e.g. going to Thailand for SO LONG and when I finally go it’s not what I expected, no matter how much I hated it I wouldn’t go home. Not because I care what people think but because I couldn’t live with myself knowing I gave up that easy. Mental isn’t it?

One of the biggest battles I ever faced in my life was the decision to move from Dublin to Toronto. It took about 8 months for me to decide I was 100% ready to go. I was in my first year of college in Ireland and everything was great, I had a close group of friends I was always with, a part-time job in River Island, a close bond with my family and a great social life…but it just wasn’t enough. The course was only a one-year program and I had no idea what to apply for after it. I knew exactly what I wanted to study but I just couldn’t find the right course which was definitely discouraging. One day out of curiosity I researched colleges and universities around the area my dad lives in Canada, and I came across a course that literally explained everything I wanted to do – and more. So I though to myself, I’ll just apply, what’s the worse that could happen? Around mid May 2013 I received an e-mail confirming that I had got into the program. I couldn’t believe it. I immediately knew I had to go. Long story short, by taking a chance and putting all doubts and negative thoughts to the back of my mind I can honestly say I am happy where I am right now and where my life is going.

Although I still have the urge to travel and I plan on visiting soooo many places, for now knowing that I have made a huge decision to move across the world at a young age to chase my dreams is enough to keep me content (for a few months anyways ha-ha).

For anybody who’s thinking of moving away, travelling or even looking for a random destination to visit; keep these tips in mind:

  • If you never say YES, you’ll never know– it’s so easy to fall into a routine of doing what you’re used to and never stepping out of your comfort zone because you’re, basically comfortable. But instead of going the same place, with the same people and do the same things as usual, do something different. As fun as Ibiza may have been last year with all your friends, it’ll probably be quite similar this summer. A place is never as much fun as it was the first time because you already know what it offers. Why not suggest something else, inter-rail through Europe with a group of your friends, apply for a J1 and go to the USA for the whole summer, bagpack in South East Asia, there’s so many options and it’ll all probably cost the same amount of money anyways. If you decide it’s not for you then go back to Tramore the following year – “ya big bore ya!”
  • You won’t go through life thinking “What If”- one of the worst things in life is living with regrets because the reality of it is you can never go back and change the past you simply have to get over it and move on. But instead of being bitter about things, imagine how less stressed your mind would be knowing you DID try it and you DO know what the world looks like outside of your own country, and that my friends is a nice feeling.
  • You learn new things- the first thing a wanderlust traveller would say about travelling is that you learn so much. You learn about the world, the different cultures, different ways of living, different food, sceneries and most importantly you learn about yourself. The possibilities of what you can learn on adventures is endless, you gain wisdom and you really learn that materialistic things mean nothing in comparison to making memories. Would you rather a new Chanel bag or standing on the edge of Cape Cod with your 4 best friends in the world taking in all the beauty? I probably would choose both but definitely the second one more ;-).
  • It’s better to fail than to succeed and have no stories- If all I can talk about in 20 years from now is how I worked Monday-Friday 9-5 the past 20 years then please just put me out of my misery. Seriously! But one thing anyone that knows me will be able to tell you is that I love to talk! And why would I want to talk about how much of an average life I had and how comfortable I was? No I want to tell you all the f*cked up things I witnessed, all the crazy nights I had with all the people I won’t forget and all the mistakes and memories I made. That is something to cheers to before doing a tequila shot in my opinion!

“I haven’t slept in weeks, but I’d rather have stories to share than dreams to imagine” – Travis Burke, Photographer

You never know what experience can change your life forever if you never take a chance.

Here’s some photos that are going to make you CRY with jealousy! The gorgeous couple @jayalvarrez and @alexisreneg who spend their time travelling the world together (relationship goals).

photographer-model-surfer-couple-travels-world-jay-alvarrez-alexis-ren-4 photographer-model-surfer-couple-travels-world-jay-alvarrez-alexis-ren-6 photographer-model-surfer-couple-travels-world-jay-alvarrez-alexis-ren-8 photographer-model-surfer-couple-travels-world-jay-alvarrez-alexis-ren-18 photographer-model-surfer-couple-travels-world-jay-alvarrez-alexis-ren-23

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