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Jealousy will either kill you or motivate you like nothing else.

Besides being one of the seven deadly sins, everyone has a little jealousy in them. It can come at anytime in life. The innocent jealousy starts very young in life. If your friend gets more Christmas presents than you, if your older sister is allowed to stay up later than you, if a kid in the store gets a chocolate bar when you have no money. Lots of times it happens but that’s completely normal. And often those jealous times don’t last very long. You get over them very quickly.

But when you get into your teenage years, that’s when jealousy can get very viscous very quickly. I have encountered/witnessed some crazy things growing up that literally made me into the person I am. While it’s normal for us all to get jealous over certain things, some people take it to that next level. I can admit I get jealous over different things, sometimes I can be envious of someone’s looks, achievements, materialistic things or if I really like someone, jealousy naturally just comes to you, regardless of your pride.

But I’m the type of person that can turn jealousy into a positive. Like coming up to the months to summer when everyone was posting photos in their bikini’s with their bodies looking AMAZING, I felt a little shitty because my body was nowhere near where I wanted it to be. But instead of being a jealous hater and saying things like “she starves herself” or “they’re only skinny cause they do drugs” and all this bollox talk, I always complimented the people on their success and just turned that negative energy into motivation to work harder in the gym. And my god did I feel so much more better about myself.

People like to see you do good, but never better than them.


If I had a dollar for every time someone had up a negative status on Facebook about people bragging about something, I’d have enough money to buy myself a nice Audi, and you bet I’ll be bragging and have a few statuses wrote about me then, ha-ha. But seriously have you noticed it’s always the people who have the least that have the most to say? Yes I’ll agree nobody likes someone who constantly brags and thinks they’re better than everyone. But at the same time, if you worked your arse off for months to buy a new car, holiday, clothes, worked hard to loose weight, anything really, of course you want to show off a little. As they say “if you don’t take a picture, did it even happen?”

When someone is really good-looking and they get a lot of likes on their photos, compliments and people fancying them they automatically turn into a target. How ridiculous is that, getting hated just because people find you attractive? If they’re a complete cocky asshole, that’s different. But I know so many sweet girls that have other girls hating them just because they get attention. Why are us girls such bitches sometimes?!

The one type of jealousy that particularly pisses me off is when people are rude about someone else’s success. If you want a good job, lots of money, successful career and nice things here’s a tip GET OFF YOUR ASS AND GO WORK FOR IT!!! Sitting at home on your phone talking shit about people who are doing well for themselves doesn’t make a difference to their lives. And it’s not paying your bills either.

You should never feel jealous or envious of someone else’s success. What you’re doing is just fine and if you aspire for more, then go out and work for it.

Jealousy with relationships is a complete different ball game, and I won’t get into that now because this blog post will end up being as long as the Holy Bible ;-).

All in all, jealousy is good to an extent. It gives you that little push to achieve your goals. Instead of being envious of someone’s life, looks, success, relationships, try get them for yourself. Make people envy YOU.

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