Girl Power Playlist

There is nothing I love more than finding a song that just makes me think “Yeah, I am independent, strong, confident and I don’t need to answer to anyone”!!! Is anyone else with me?

Music gets your blood pumping, your heart racing, your mind thinking, your body moving and your lips smiling. What doesn’t sound good about that?

I remember couple times in my life where I just felt so shitty about myself whether it was confidence, a boy acting the maggot, friends not being good friends, not doing great in school or even just family stuff. It’s hard to find the right playlist for those type of moods. Sad music just makes you more depressed and house music just makes you want to drink all your sorrows away! So I made myself a ‘Girl Power’ playlist that just lifts my spirits and most importantly how I feel about myself!


The definition of Girl Power from the Queen herself

 For any boy who ever rejected you!

When you’re back on your a-game after a downfall

 sick and tired of boys being bums?

 that doesn’t mean that we’re the bums! keep your money

 love love love this! for the opinionated females like myself 

 this can be relatable to any situation I mentioned above

 when someone insults your character, boss em up ladies

 title says it all

 if he wanna run the streets then you run the streets too 😉

sometimes you just gotta show off and WORK IT

when people all up in your business..dont worry about me, I’M FINE!

 damn right

 Had to add more of my girl 😉

 old but gold

 personal favourite of mine, if I want something I’ma work for it and buy it myself ❤

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