I think it’s clear to say cheating has been around for centuries, it’s not just a new thing. But what has come to my intention is how common it is nowadays. When I find out someone is/has cheated on their partner it’s not even a shock anymore, it’s just daily gossip. Odds are, you know somebody who’s either been cheated on or has committed the act themselves.

Couples that look like they have the most perfect relationships could really be hiding a lot of secrets. We live in a hush-hush generation where we all talk quietly among ourselves but when push comes to shove nobody wants to be “that person” that breaks the news someone is being cheated on. Imagine someone telling you your so-called perfect relationship was all a lie and you didn’t believe them? You would end up hating them and calling them a complete liar. It’s just not worth it being the messenger, even if you think your intentions are good.

It’s not just men who are the evil cheaters, women can be just as bad!

Cheating is not a mistake, it’s an action – it’s a choice. It is something that someone chooses to do. That person has thought about it, know the consequences, and chose to act on it. ‘Accidental cheating’ is still cheating; cheating while being drunk is still cheating. There is no excuse for it. Don’t be a fool and think that cheating is a mistake because it’s not. Playing with someone’s emotions is so dirty. Knowing that you destroyed someone’s trust is bad but destroying someone’s perspective on love is far worse.

The real question is “Do you think there’s a chance of a good relationship after cheating?”. Obviously, women are genuinely conflicted. While some swear they’d never go back, a slightly smaller percentage admitted to doing everything they could to mend what’s been broken. It’s easy to say you’d call it quits after your partner’s been unfaithful, but when it actually happens to you, things get a lot more real. And more factors are considered. What if you two live together, or have kids?

If you cheated on a person that was willing to do anything for you, you actually cheated yourself out of true loyalty.

As for the girls/boys that intentionally go after taken people they clearly know are in relationships? You all are delusional selfish hoes/man hoes. What makes you think that if they cheat for you that they won’t cheat on you!

If you’re not happy in a relationship then fucking get out of it. There’s no excuse for cheating!

I do believe that people can change though not the whole “a leopard never changes it’s spots” myth. If you can forgive your partner and decide to get back with them just make sure you’re doing it to make you happy. Never lose respect for yourself for anyone.


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