Romance DOES Still Exist

Most people believe in all that lovey-dovey cheesy stuff like “love at first sight”. I personally believe there’s someone out there for everyone but who can be sure?

It actually scares me thinking I could miss out meeting my soulmate for a numerous of reasons. What if he’s waiting to bump into me at Starbucks but I decide I don’t want a coffee that day? What if we’re on the same random island somewhere but I get drunk as hell the night before and my hangover stops me from going to the restaurant he’s at (wouldn’t surprise me). OR what if  my future man decides he likes men last minute, then what?!

Okay-okay I’m completely over-reacting but no seriously I have very high hopes for my future love life considering right now its as exciting as a salad is to an obese kid.

There’s so many horrific stories these days that literally turn me off getting into a relationship.

  • So many people cheat and think it’s alright
  • Guys only use & abuse girls because hoes has them thinking every girl is like that
  • Ex’s can’t move on and keep trying to interfere in their ex’s new relationship
  • People talk shit to try turn you off your interest
  • Girls friend-zone absolutely every decent guy that talks to them

Moral of the story? This generation is absolutely fucked when it comes to love!

All I want is a cute relationship like one in all the movies I watch. Is that too much to ask for? 🙂

“Just like the movies, that’s how it will be. Cinematic and dramatic with the perfect ending.”
-Katy Perry


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