Looks or Personality?

Looks or personality… well that really is the question!

I am superrrrrrr picky when it comes to guys. I don’t think I’m too good for anyone or anything like that I just don’t fall for people that easily. Whether it’s because I haven’t been serious with someone, I get turned off quickly or I get bored too easily, I have no clue. But anyways I know it takes a lot for me to really like someone.

This doesn’t necessarily mean I’m expecting some 10/10 sexgod to come knocking at my door (even though that would be quite nice 😉 ). If I don’t personally know someone I’m obviously gonna judge them by their appearance but all it takes it 5 minutes to realize someone is a dickhead regardless if they’re Channing Tatum’s long lost twin.

I guess it’s always better to become friends with someone before you decide if you really want to get involved with them or not because you see them being themselves and also if it’s not what you want you still have a friend.

I NEED someone to make me laugh! I’m such a joker and if someone takes life too serious it’s never gonna work. End of. Case Closed.

All I’m saying is fall in love with someone who makes you laugh or you’re gonna be really fucking bored when you’re 80 years old, with a broken hip, and sex is impossible. ImageImage

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